By ArcLight

Hot and sweaty in a queue

The leitmotiv of summer 2020? For those of us who still visit them, standing in a queue outside a shop. I got very hot and sweaty in full sun outside Mellis cheese shop in Stockbridge today, waiting my turn, but at least I got my blip. I was quite surprised by the person who came out of the shop and got in the car. I would have expected perhaps an older man, whose bike this presumably is sticking out of the car. Nope. It was a woman of a certain age, and also a certain ampleness, whom I couldn't entirely imagine on the bike. Anyway, we mustn't be ruled by our preconceptions.

Another lovely day today, although not as hot on the balcony, or so Mr A told me. I didn't get out there until much later after the sun had gone, but we did sit out until about 9.30pm, after dinner.

Work was dull. Reading a lot of applications and making comments and giving scores.

My extra is the result of standing outside another shop - George Bower butcher.

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