By SketchaDay

299. Sam

I am still working on my portraits and this one seems a little does look like Sam which is good...but not quite there yet.

My eldest suggested I do a series of water colour paintings of the family and they would like to mount them and keep them...which is a nice idea as although I keep my sketches I never actually do anything with them other than look at them occasionally.  I now have whole sketch books full so it would be nice to actually mount some and keep them.

I’m feeling a lot more positive this morning after a dip earlier in the week and as things slowly start to unwind with lockdown, I feel that life may be ok....but then I see all the crap with thousands of people meeting up on beaches and in parks all over the UK and I just despair.  We had 5 deaths reported yesterday and as far as I’m concerned  that’s 5 too many and what is it about this virus that these stupid people don’t get?
What horrifies me even more is the numbers of people who actually openly say...”it’s not that bad” and “I don’t think there is any further threat from this virus..if there ever was”....isn’t 65,000+ excess deaths not enough proof?

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