By TrudeAndNova

Goodwill night from the mountain Imingfjell

We woke up early after a too warm night a notater much sleep. But then we could leave early for Tessungdalen.
On our way over Imingfjell we saw two people sitting, enjoying the sun. When we passed them we realized it was Mr Dags cousin and wife. We turned the car and went to see them. They invited us for wafles, strawburries and ice in the evening. Always nice to meet them.
Before we went there we had a two hours walk with the dogs around the lake Bråsjåen. It could have been at nice walk, but the dogs, the three old ladies, behaved like wild teenagers, pulled the leachs etc. The path was rocky, so it wasn't a pleasure at all.
But the sunset over the mountains was just marvelous :)

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