By jac1954

I'm as hot as a lobster in a pot.

I have done my inspection of my Bees and they seem ok much better than the last week when I got stung many times on my arms,
as you can see from my picture that in the heat today with the suit on plus I have made some protection for my inner elbows ,I have cut the sleeves off of a jumper old one and where the arm pits are makes a nice triangle to go over my elbows and the long sleeve protects my wrists another place they like.
But my neighbor came round to say that he has been stung 4 times this week and his son has had one.
I have spoken to my mentor and she said that the very hot weather and the noise from the workmen over the back of the back of the Beespace making noise all day is going to upset them as well.                      
I got stung when I went out to put washing on the line Too.
So what to do.
1,Buy a new queen.
2,Remove all the frames with eggs on and leave only capped brood in the hive.Then put eggs from my Mentors hive in the hive then leave them to make a new queen ,and pray she lays happy Bees of a calm nature.
3 Have the whole hive destroyed as they are nasty.
4 Find a place where I can keep them and still look after them and see them through the next winter. 
I am going to see my mentor on Sunday to help and learn from her bees she has eight hives.

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