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By Sallymair

Yoga for Cats for Admirer

Today is a special Silly Saturday in memory of blipper Admirer who died very suddenly this week. She ran Silly Saturday every week and was always charming in her responses. Her death has left a huge gap in the blip community. Cleo is being very silly today demonstrating her ability to get into impossible positions with ease and grace. I wouldn't be so silly as to try! Thanks for organising this challenge.
RIP Admirer.

Saturday today and a mixed day. I didn't do much, but did enjoy my first raspberry from the garden, very sweet and delicious. I completed all the tasks resulting from my zoom meetings yesterday and signed off the accounts ready for submission to OSCR.
Had a social Zoom encounter this evening with some of those I should have been on Iona with this evening. :-(
We watched an episode of Vera and were very glad we didn't have to go out and brave the rain and wind.
Here's to a nicer day tomorrow.

Keep well and safe everyone. Two days running in Scotland with no deaths from Covid has to be good news.

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