By Dakers

Field Track To Where?

Another very foggy morning as today’s Blipfoto shows. Rain is also forecast and this looks to be the beginning of a wet week. Typical June weather. May is the best month of the year as far as sun is concerned.

I spend the afternoon waiting for the BT engineer to appear as arranged but of him and his van, there is no sign.

Emil, the stone sculptor spends his afternoon marking out the lettering to be cut in the lintol above the vestry door before rain stops his "play". 

The vestry "extension" allegedly constructed as part of the original building was added rather hurriedly at the conclusion of the main structure, presumably because there was no place for the minister to meet privately with a member of the congregation.

Underneath the vestry is the crypt where the heating boiler was located. The stone detailing almost matches the detailing of the main building, but not quite as poor Emil discovered when he marked out the lettering. The lettering is horizontal but the chamfer edge of the lintol is not quite horizontal.

This had bothered him so much during his sleep on Friday night that he returned today to make adjustments which now meet with his satisfaction.

The sign of a true artist and craftsman.

And the Entry Title? For as long as we have lived here, I have yet to venture along the track round the wood to the margin of the field.

A 1/1250 Ordnance Survey Map hangs in the Clergy and I can view Satellite Images on Apple Maps and Google Maps. I would like to see the end of the track. I will not go through the field, however, there is a footpath that I can follow. Both ends are a nearly a mile away from here.

Something to look forward to when I am released from "Shielding". 

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