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By ajt

Pea tree

We went for a bike ride today. The weather was good and there were loads of cyclist out and about. After various tasks at home we took the dog for a walk in the park and the ride and the park gave me a big does of pollen for which I'm now suffering.

Today's back blip is some pea shrub thing flower. We moved it yesterday when we installed a new plastic garden box. The original box was always a bit flimsy but only cost €30 from Lidl so you can't complain too much, and would have been fine but the builders broke it. The one we replaced it cost €120 and is a lot more sophisticated and a different shape so things had to be moved around. The old arrangement was in many ways better, but we had to change.

I don't know what this plant, is, but it's in a big heavy tub, grows very slowly and seems to be in flower all year round.

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