By Naturelover

Eyes so big...

I can still see them with his back turned to me!
We had a wonderful evening camping with our daughter and her family in her yard!  Our spot is well away from theirs, and we sat on opposite sides of the campfire, but it felt wonderful to listen to music and have a relaxed evening just chatting.
Their lovely cat, Tangerine, was put to sleep a few days ago, so Sanibel and Brody were painting rocks for his memorial.  When they have been placed I'll share a photo of his resting spot.  I'm so sad that they have to deal with this anytime, but especially when there has been so much mental pressure for them missing out on a normal teen-age life.  Extra is a painting I did for Brody for his 14th birthday...the whole family adored Tangerine.

Thank you to Trisharooni for the challenge this month.

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