Peas and Queues

Spent most of the day sorting out financial matters.
Twenty one places to contact in all.
Some things are very straightforward and can be done online.
Started off at our building society in Ilkley where l had an appointment at 10:00, got there and realised l’d forgotten the plastic wallet, with account numbers , identification, death certificate etc.
Drove home and back in 15 minutes but cried all time l was in the car not sure if it was because of my stupidity or what.
Quickly composed myself and got a lot sorted.
Spurred on, l drove over to Otley and went to our bank, sorted a few things out there too. 
Somethings are straightforward and only need joint accounts putting in my name but still time consuming.
Got home and did some phone calls, spent over one hour in a queue just getting the names changed on an insurance policy.
Then another long wait in a queue for something similar.
But more things ticked of the list.
The utilities are a bit of a nightmare: Mr P did them online and when he was ill he had forgotten the passwords to get into the accounts. 
I can sort them but most staff are still furloughed or are working from home and it’s taking longer than usual. 
Have to say everyone l came into contact with today have been brilliant and really helpful.

Little time for anything else until l picked a Kitty up from school.
So it was going to be a quick photograph from the garden until l saw my sweet peas have finally flowered so l cut some for the the kitchen windowsill and it was then l noticed the interesting patterns on the petals when they caught the light..
So l’ve cropped them like crazy so you can see them too.
Now having a G&T with another Christmas present l’ve just got round to opening.

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