By Ronniebofa

What to do with courgettes

Another 12 courgettes harvested today and the search for different ways to prepare and incorporate them in meals continues.
Last nights courgette and onion, cheese and egg bake was delicious so it was another cheese and egg bake tonight. This time some additional allotment vegetables were incorporated into the mix (baby heritage carrots, chard and (don’t tell @John White) chopped new potatoes) along with herbs (parsley and fennel), garlic and chilli. The onion, carrots, chard and potatoes were sautéed until almost soft before adding spiralised courgettes, herbs and spices.
The mix was placed in a oven proof dish and a egg and cheese mix added before oven baking . The resultant bake was served with rainbow beet and pod & sugar snap peas.
Another delicious evening meal!!

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