By Cumbrialass

A rose ( of sharon) by any other name

Sunny, not too cold. 20 degrees. 

Took Fletch along Channelside. Paused at the water edge as usual to look out for our favourite boats.  M likes the big powerful cabin cruiser but I like the sweet traditional fishing boats,  they have more character. But we both agreed we wouldn't enjoy going out to sea in either.
Only my phone camera so no photos of the boats  this time.
 My camera club project group is team yellow so I took this of the Hypericum/ St Johns Wort/ Rose of Sharon.. no doubt it has other names too!

After the walk we continued on to the recycle centre! It is not well run any more. The men working there are not allowed to give you a hand. Only one person at a time can go up to the steps to off load anything, only 3 cars at a time.  We also had a delay when a full container needed moving. 
We were in the queue for 1 and a half hours!  There was quite a few times when I was so close to saying Let's go home but we had an awful lot of greenery to off load. 
Came home feeling tired and  decided we will not be returning for a very long time!

My brother has had lots of tests and things are looking positve. Feeling relieved. 

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