By LornaL

July 2nd 1940

July 2nd Wednesday 

Night raids repeatedly on Britain, but the threatened invasion has not yet taken shape.

Auntie Gertie*, Uncle Alfred and Beryl came to stay with us indefinitely because of the strain of repeated warnings over the Bristol Channel. 

There are signs, as yet only vague, that Fascism and Communism may clash over the oil wells and grain stocks in Rumania. It is wrong to pray that they may?

*The eldest of Lorna's mother Topsie's six siblings. Beryl is the grand-daughter of Auntie Gertie and Uncle Alfred, and the daughter of Lorna's cousin Alfred (son of Gertie and Alfred) and his wife Annie. So Beryl is Lorna's second cousin once removed. Beryl was 12 years old in 1940.

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