Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I wasn't feeling particularly inspired photographically today so I ended up stationing myself in a spot where I was almost certainly guaranteed to see a hummer on approach to a feeder.  Didn't take long, and blip in the bag.  Not my most exciting image, but I figure I can't really go wrong with a hummingbird.

I met my friend for a nature walk this morning - we managed most of the walk on shaded trails along a wetland area where we tallied an impressive 35 species of birds.  Not bad for a sticky, hot July day in northern New Jersey.  I was wiped out from the heat when I got home and ended up taking a fairly long nap this afternoon. 

I haven't looked at the news once today.  I find that everything I read right now is depressing and/or irritating.  Or both.  I'm having a hard time managing my depression at the moment, so long stretches of nature therapy are the order of the day.  And limited access to news.  

Not much else to report for today.  

Oh, but I should mention that I will be hosting TinyTuesday this month.  I'll be putting a post in the Community section tomorrow, but as a heads-up, the tag for next week will be #TT267.  I must say that I am really looking forward to it!

Stay safe, be kind, be loving.


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