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By walkingMarj

More wildflowers

After a day at home yesterday, I was determined to do a walk today. It was drizzly and grey this morning, but faired up after lunch. (Apparently "faired up" is an expression that is not used everywhere. It seems normal to me of course!)

I walked from home to Lincoln Hill then back via Heatheridge Farm and Keepershield Farm. It was very windy but mild. The sun even broke through the clouds.

The hogweed is now in bloom everywhere. I like the intricacy of the flowers. Do you see that the petals are larger on the outside of the head of florets? 

I understood that the name hogweed was chosen because the flowers smell of pigs. I now read that pigs are known to eat the weed and that may be the derivation. Both apply.

My extra is a very common flower but I wonder if you can immediately identify it?

At home, Mum has had another bad day with her eyes and had a nosebleed. I think we will have to seek medical attention tomorrow. That's going to be fun no doubt.

Last night I stayed awake until I had seen the second half of Birdsong online. I was glad of the box of tissues by my bed. I'm a weepy old thing when stories are sad. I hope they release it again so that more people can see it.

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