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Mono Monday -alone

Here is Oscar alone ( almost) making brownies. Oscar is 8 and loves cooking like his big brother Max.

Funny day....we started with an early appointment at the GPs to get scripts. I get white coat syndrome and my BP often goes up when I visit the doctors even though it’s OK at home. My pulse was also racing so the doc sent me in for an ECG which was normal. I wasn’t very worried but it was a very cold morning and I didn’t want to take off my clothes. An old work colleague was doing the test so at least we caught up on news.  

Went in to get the scripts and the money machine wasn’t working ....another wait. Then we got in the car and the battery was flat. So after a couple of hours waiting around in the cold Bob walked home and got the battery charger and rode his bike back into town ( We were in a 1 hour carpark, hope we don’t get a ticket) and got us started. We took a drive out to visit our daughter at Perthville to give the car a run, we have hardly used it for most of the year and it needs a bit of use. When we got home Bob said our son had called and wanted me to babysit. So I just got home in the dark. So much for getting a nice “ alone “ mono. On the drive I took some shots but the one horse alone in a paddock suddenly had company, there were no single trees, I’m never alone so I’ve put Oscar in the blip although he wasn’t really alone, his brothers were just out of range. 

Thanks for hosting 60plus. I’ll try again next week. At least I changed my camera to the mono setting but didn’t take it the the babysitting job and ended up using the phone. 

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