Chicken Run

I shot out to Bovey Tracey early this morning picked up 11 bags of horse poo, 9 in the back, 1 on the front passenger seat, 1 in the foot well. By the time i got back to Chudleigh there were tiny black flies all over the inside of the car. I had both windows wide open, to clear them out, then I had to stop at the red traffic light .. the build up began. ARG!!!!! I drove straight to the allotment, emptied the car, then had to transfer the poo into my old compost bags as the supplier wanted their bags back. The poo is freshly picked off the fields so needs to rot down before I can use it, so tightly tied the bags and stacked them behind the garden shed. I gave everything a really good soaking this morning then headed home to show my face. 9.15am :-) Did a couple of jobs then headed back up to the plot with my flask of coffee to finish potting the splits. First the hellebores (16 pots), then the Shasta daisies. A bit fiddly (20 pots). Had a good chat with Alan, an allotment neighbour. He's been furloughed, now very keen to get back to work, but not sure when. He gave me some scented stocks seedlings that were surplus. I can find a spot for them.
I picked peas, cut courgettes, lifted potatoes, & picked teh first runner beans of 2020. Not quite a feed though. There's plenty of flower but I don't see many bees around to pollinate. Back home, time for lunch. This afternoon I've moved some plants around in the garden, the foliage on a couple of plants did'nt fit in with the scheme so they've got a new home. I cut the allium seed heads, now in a vase. Fed the tomato plants, then watered the back garden completely. No rain forecast, & the water butts empty.

Dinner tonight - chicken liver ragu

Thanks to RockArea for hosting

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