Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Who would have thought I could do 1000 blips in a row (minus 1)? Not I. I never could keep a journal more than a few weeks, but the photo part as a daily record has me hooked. And the places I've seen -Egypt, South Africa, Jakarta, New Zealand, York, Ireland,and much else in the UK! (of course Edinbrough) Zagreb, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, as well as lots of the US, etc etc -are better than any newsreel! And the things I've learned from other blippers! How would I know about the book I was reading and savoring this morning by Molly Peacock, The Paper Garden, An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72.? (I love that!) About extraordinary 18th C Mary Delaney who created 100s and 100s of cut paper flower mosaics that one can see in the British Museum. (book report later, after I'm done...) And altho I am the last person in the Universe to know Seth Godin, today I listened to an interview, while on my bike, about the "art of noticing and creating" which made me feel better about not winning popularity contests. And all the helpful photo advice from blippers from how to shoot the moon to how to post collages like this. There's lots I could mention and names, but I'll stop - it's all good and inspiring. Thank You!!!

Today I wanted to somehow get a photo of "1000" that had my "worlds" in it and of course, water. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but the weather didn't cooperate nor did my computer which has some problem going on with Aperture. I don't want to lose what I've got so here it is... And yes, I did tone map the bottom image to get a more dramatic sky, and also it looked a tad better with those 0s. And yes, that's as much as you get of a self portrait and I barely knew who it was myself with that very windblown, overdue for a cut, hair. And I only got 5 minutes of H's time to push the shutter, when it wasn't raining.... I just realized it might look like 11000 with that stick on the dock. -ignor that :-) Anyway, here are my watery worlds of Lake Union in Seattle, The Gulf Islands and the foggy forest in the islands. Also I love journaling my grandchildren growing up and places I travel and my neighborhood and the art I see. I would like to get some more focus in an artistic way, but it IS a daily journal... Might be healthier to skip one every now and then instead of some emergency blip...we'll see....

Thanks also, of course, to the folks that produced blipfoto! Onward.....

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