Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Wafi Mall

We met with friends Jessica and Farzan today for lunch at Carter's. This meant a trip to Wafi and I'm glad I got two shots of their super stained glass pyramid roof before we met up, as this is one of two pictures I have taken today!

I got the time wrong (Carter's only open at 1 pm), so as we waited, we chatted at the coffee shop below. Lunch itself turned out to be food for the nearby Indian restaurant as there was a technical problem in the kitchen. The food and company were great so nothing was too big a deal.

We got home in time for 4 o'clock tea except we were too full. We couldn't even contemplate dinner later on, so had a light snack instead. I finally sent off my email to Volvo so hoping for the best there. :)

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