Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Top Secret

Today I went into the field, looking for some of the top secret training camps for the upcoming AOGs.  Imagine my surprise when I suddenly came across Team Pearl Crescent in a small stadium in a field, hard at work on their routine.  I tried to interview the team captain (center) but she was not willing to give me even a single quote.  And, in an effort to keep things top secret, she told her team mates to scatter immediately.  Which they did.  

It was a good morning out in the fields and along the lake, although I was a sweaty mess by the time I called it a day.  We are in the throws of summer here which means high humidity.  Not as humid as the tropics, but still enough to work up more than a glow.

In nest box news, there are two second broods of House Wrens underway.  One box has 7 eggs; the second box remains unknown because I can't cram my phone into the top of the box because it's full of sticks.  I know there is an active nest in there because I've twice spooked mama off the eggs.  Meanwhile, Little Mister continues to sing his heart out, apparently trying to woo one more lady wren.  Which would be a new record.  

It continues to feel like I am just trudging through life right now.  The uncertainty of life in a pandemic world is very difficult for most of us I think.  I really wish I had those day-of-the-week undies that I had as a little girl.  Honestly, days just run together.  The horror in our immediate area is much better, but now states like Florida, Texas, California and Arizona are in a terrible place.  

So, as always - please be safe, wear a mask, be kind, be loving (to yurself as well as others).


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