A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


I love to see and smell haymaking. Part of my childhood as I was brought up on a farm, not this one but in this village where we walked this morning.

I was intrigued watching the machine work as balers were very different in my day, chugging out rectangular bales of hay tied with baler twine which were stacked on a trailer and taken to be stored in a barn back in the farm. This machine is spitting out huge round bales, sometimes seen covered in plastic and left stacked in the fields. Certainly too big for humans to lift on and off a cart.
A pleasant walk with a coffee stop at Coldspring Mill, where we saw this activity in the fields. We actually sat inside a cafe for the first time. We resisted the cakes!

Another first this afternoon. My pedicure, lovely to see S again and she was so well organised for safety. Like my hair I have my next appointment booked already. Great to have things in the diary!

Good to see everyone doing their best to get their businesses going again safely and to be able to support them.

A first in the garden this morning a young Black Redstart. It was the flash of it’s bobbing red tail that caught my eye.

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