Life Savors

By osuzanna

Sunflower Love

I made my first trip to the sunflower fields this morning.  As always they are simply beautiful.  They aren't quite as tall as last year which meant I didn't need to haul the ladder out of the car.  It is very early in their season so they are quite pristine, with still many flowers yet to open.  Once again there were no butterflies, and there were hardly any birds around either.  The holy grail, of course, is to get an Indigo Bunting sitting on a sunflower.  Today you will have to settle for a bee.  

I couldn't decide whether to post this shot for my blip or a shot of an unknown photographer taking pictures of the sunflowers.  With her red hair, purple shirt, and red backpack, she was irresistible, but I decided to post this one for Tiny Tuesday and have loaded the photographer as an extra. 

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