By dunkyc

The Collector

It was the quintessential day of two halves.

The first being formed of a good catch up with the first of my ex-wives and discussing everything and nothing. It was a nice reminder of the fact that we were really good friends before we ever became ‘a thing’ and that shadows of that friendship remain.

It was also nice to see The Eldest briefly as she popped into school for a short while. Looks like I’ll be back to seeing her on a more regular basis too, which is great and her younger siblings will be delighted.

The second half of the day was constructed of two long conference calls, so it was nice to stuff the camera in the bag and head out of the door at the earliest possible opportunity.

Frustratingly, there wasn’t much to inspire me on my walk up and over the castle, but walking back through the cemetery, I did happen upon this gravestone - the name has been clumsily covered out of a little respect for the deceased - which caught my eye for its adornments. I must confess that I have never seen someone’s (assumed) hobby quite literally set in stone for all eternity.

If hobbies were to form epitaphs, I guess mine would read something like “Amateur Dame” or “Boardtreader” or “Jackdaw Wrangler”, but I’m not sure I’m keen on any of those.

Maybe it’s time for a new hobby...

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