By Dakers

The Shower Of Rabbits Group Photo

Following on from yesterday’s Blipfoto entry, I have organised the Rabbits for a group photo and here they are.

The red rabbit has a genuine "cotton wool" tail which explains the purpose.

The blue and white rabbits have removable lids and contain shower room stuff.

The blue one is solid glass and can be handy for stopping the pop-up plug in the basin from popping up.

Today Mr and Mrs Dog are visiting us for a Barbecue lunch in the garden.

It is very much a case of separate tables which should work out just fine.

We have a "lavatory" or "loo". directly accessible from the entrance door.

One of the Scottish words for this chamber is "Cludgie". We have given it a twist and we call it the "Clergy".

I may add to this post later and add one or two extras.

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