I've felt a lot better today. Still a bit washed out and full of cold but the achy shivery nastiness has gone.
Another Lempsip and another early night and I should be fine!
This water was about to have a Berocca put in it. I tried to capture the tablet fizzing but failed miserably so you get the "before" effort instead!!
Usual Wednesday today.
Took Miss L to her Tumble Tots class which she enjoyed. It was the first week we didn't go in with them and I was a bit worried she might not like that but she was fine. Both she and Mr R came running out with beams on their faces!
We had tears after dinner tonight. Last night we made jelly in Miss E's new rabbit mould. I got it out of the fridge tonight, flipped it over onto a plate and......
It wouldn't budge out of the mould.
I filled the sink with hot water to warm it up and loosen it a bit, all the while telling Miss E not to touch the mould. In fact I told her to stop touching it several times and warned her if she started poking around it would all just fall out and collapse in a big heap of jelly.
Guess what happened?
All of a sudden she's wailing "Rabbitty! Rabbitty!" and bawling her eyes out because the anticipated rabbit has become a big heap of jelly on a plate.
Told you so told you so told you so, nah nah nah-nah nah!!!!!!!
Honestly she was inconsolable. You'd think someone had just wrung her pet rabbit's neck in front of her!!
She cheered up eventually after she'd eaten most of it!!

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