By wingpig

ease out

To avoid the usual method of getting to the far side of the hills to go up the proper way by bus we went straight through the middle, discovering a nice shady bit with more space than the shady rock-nooks over by the ruined chapel. The very top was less busy than usual, though it's rare that I get up it during the week at any time other than normal time-school-holidays.

Earlier, the final load of boxes of crap was removed from the storage unit. After taking the roofbag for one load the putting these shelves on the roof on another trip it only took four trips. Tomorrow now features two bookings at the tip, though with the amount of bay tree and hedgeclips to be taken there it's unlikely at this stage that any excess crap from the boxes will be able to be taken at this stage, potentially giving me a week to use the old amp and speakers to let the piglets hear what the radio should really sound like.

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