Strike a pose

So nice waking up naturally this morning (weekend, so Tim didn't go for a ride today, hence no need for an alarm).  We cleaned most of the flat - Tim dusted and hoovered and I cleaned the bathroom - and I called my Mum this afternoon.  Had a nice chat with her - she's really enjoying the William Boyd book I lent her, and was about to go and sit in the garden to read it.  I sat out in our communal gardens later, too, to do a bit more proofreading of my old schoolfriend's book.

Tim cooked us a chicken curry for dinner - delicious - and I went out for a walk while he watched the F1 qualifying.  Of course I had to go back to the pond for a gosling update!  All five still present and correct (and actually very active shortly before I took this photo - whizzing about on the water and pecking around at the side of the pond, then suddenly, sleep!)  

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