Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo

Wee Hamish

There once was a man from Devises
Whose balls were of differing sizes
One was so small it was no ball at all
Whilst the other won numerous prizes

You’re probably wondering what prompted my memory of that limerick — allow me to introduce Hamish, formerly unnamed. He was rescued, along with 14 other small dogs, from a hoarding situation in our county. We’ve adopted him from the Humane Society, and will pick him up after he undergoes a little “weight-reduction” surgery on Monday.

He’s allegedly a Westie. When he was rescued a month ago, his coat was matted with feces and dirt, and he had to be sheared. He was a pound lighter after shearing. 

He’s four years old, and had never seen grass before. He’s going to need a lot of TLC before he learns how to act like a real Westie. When his fur grows back he’ll look more like one.

We’re very excited! 

P.S. I cheated on the photo -- we met him at the Humane Society two days ago.

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