Where do I even start?...

By QuiteContrary

Call me the "Soup Can Killer"

Soooo... Last year I ran in my Asics (GT-2160, they're awesome, dependable shoes) but as motivation to keep running/calorie counting (along with thinking that Vibrams are the shiz ;D) I bought myself a pair of Vibram Bikila LS. Guys. I'm in love. Five Finger shoes are the comfiest things ever. They're definitely worth the price.

Only problem is that - because Vibrams are the ultimate barefoot & minimalist running shoes - I have to do extra foot stretches. Usually you roll your foot over a tennis ball, but even in this big ol' garage I couldn't find even 1. So I settle for a soup can. "OH, don't worry. They're strong, it won't pop." My mom assured me.

Guess she was wrong ;P

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