Cognac in the process of....... at J.Balluet

We were out all afternoon stocking up and tasting.  Luckily for me I was not driving :-)))))))  We were lucky enough to get Monseuir Jean Balluet himself to look after us and he was generous with the tasting.  If you are in the region of Neuvicq-le-Chateau 17490 it is well worth a visit.

The magic cognac pot still! How does it work? Distillation takes place in traditionally shaped copper stills, also known as “Alambic Charentais”.
The Alembic Charentais is not something one can just build like that. Exact rules are set and it is exactly described how the alembic is supposed to look – and how it’s supposed to work. And this has been a tradition since decades.  First, an Alembic Charentais is made of copper, because heat spreads well in the metal. The “chapiteau” and the “chauffe-vin” look like huge balloons. The bricks it is built on guarantee a stable ground for the huge tool and a good isolation.
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