By Missycat

Day 122 My lockdown companion

I think I've written before how Peggy Sue waits for me in the morning and as soon as I enter the dining room, she scrambles up on the dining room table next to my laptop ready for me to open it.  She usually spends a while rubbing her head against the screen part and nuzzling my hand in order to get my attention, and then either trots off or stays awhile snoozing on the table.  Today she stayed and slept, but not before she she'd given me a few wide eyed looks like this one.
In other news: our Big Event of The Day was getting through within 10 minutes to British Airways to place our request for a refund for our cancelled (by BA) flights.  I have joined a group on FB in which people relate their experiences and give advice and so we tried the suggested phone number and succeeded.  To be fair we have only got as far as receiving the initial email stating that the refund process has begun and it may be some time before we actually see the money, but it's a start 

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