By GracieG

I waited all day...

...for an interesting sky to appear in the 'Sky Mirror'!  Yes...I went to Houghton Hall to see the exhibition of sculptures by Anish Kapoor.  It was ticket only so I couldn't pick and choose a suitable weather day and there was a flat grey sky the whole day.  I was just about to drive home feeling rather diappointed when a tiny patch of blue sky appeared.  I grabbed my camera and headed back to the mirror and was rewarded with this image.  This concave polished stainless steel disc is 5 metres in diameter and is totally fascinating and not just to me, judging by the number of visitors taking photos.
I have also added a 'selfie' reflected in the back of the mirror (having waited until there were no other people around).  
The other extra is taken inside the house, the most extravagant room, full of architectural features which are reflected in a series of coloured polished discs set on plinths around the perimeter.  I loved these, the colours were beautiful and the details reflected in them was fascinating.
It was a most inspiring day.

All best seen in large.

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