A mixed day . Woke up at 4 am because I thought Fletch had barked to go out.. but he was sound asleep. As I went back to bed I suddenly felt extremely  ill sweating  and very weak . I sat for half an hour before it passed. No idea what it was, but  M said he was like that 2 nights ago. Some bug? Felt washed out most of the day.
But whatever it was we both seem ok now. 

A leisurely local walk with Fletch as I didnt feel up to driving anywhere.

On the bright side we had our first visitors since before lockdown. Our 2 friends have been shielding  but are gradually venturing out. We sat in the garden ( socially  distanced) chatting and their " flying visit" lasted over 2 hours.  It was good to see them.

Blip is not really flowers but is of one of my favourite shrubs, pieris flame of the forest. Its having a second wind of new shoots. Pretty.

Planning an earlier night tonight.. I'm not good at early nights. I seem to get a second wind about 11 pm!  But tonight it might be sensible.

Stay safe and well everyone.

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