By Ridgeback13

Yes no yes no

A day of prep getting ready to go on holiday. Met N at the bike shop and loaded up A’s bike onto his car with the new rack then bought a few last minute supplies before home to make veggie sausage stew and two meat lasagnes for tonight’s dinner. Went for a walk with the two little ones to try and get them tired before the journey -unfortunately Mx fell over and got a mouthful of gravel but soon bounced back. Both of them chattering away non stop so there’s a constant stream of completely independent commentary on everything they see. Mx suggesting we have a conversation again-told me he kept his puppy in his office in the town where he goes to work!
Straightforward drive to the cabin and everyone arrived, as did the food order, all on time. We unpacked and tucked into dinner. Kids were tired...Mx having a strop here about using or not using his scooter, can’t remember which! Nice place-plenty big enough and right in the forest. All had an early night....and relax!

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