Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


Progression from tea and scones in the garden with out guests, to sparkling water mixed with elderflower cordial and elderflower wine of my own  - such a lovely summery drink that has little alcohol but lots of fizz and flavour! I was glad no-one was visiting till the afternoon as it bucketed it down till then. We had biscuits out on a plate this afternoon, and the humidity was so high they went soft!! But the sun was lovely and warm and we were out for hours.

The guests arrived in good time from the far north where the son will be studying upper secondary school from the autumn. The family live in Örebro, not far from Stockholm, and he will be living right up in the far north a she is a cross-country skier and a hopeful! Very exciting for Alexander to be leaving home at 16, and fending more or less for your self for 3 years. So we have them with us on the way down south.

I wasn't home when they arrived as I was on my expedition to town to talk table tops with an expert. I had been veering towards a matt varnish, partly due to the faff of dealing with waxed surfaces, and partly for a change. The paint shop lass convinced me. So, I now have the means, but our London guests arrive on Wednesday and it needs a week to harden properly. So patience and a protective plastic table cloth will be required! I am resigned to having to wait, but it took effort....

So we sat out and talked, drank things, ate olives and cubes of hard cheese and caught up since the last time we met, which was at a ski meet. I think he would prefer this photo of him to the one in today's blip! Once the midges descended we went our separate ways and Keith and I have flopped a bit. Since they were all up very early I bet they've done the same. There are plans afoot for a walk and a meal out tomorrow!

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