By amandoAlentejo


Though Mike has already shown this, wanted a record on my own journal, plus, finishing the grouting is what took most of my day. Was determined to finish it; wore gloves this time, and Mike found me a better tool, but it was still difficult - so uneven, what was I thinking? And shells that need to be kept clear of the grouting. Ended up making myself feel so sick had to go have a shower and lie down - think it was being enclosed in a small space in too much heat - had to have door closed to do the line behind it.

Anyway, the idea is that it is a sunset on the sea - so you get the sun and the sunset colours, then the green ocean, then the blue sky (extra), and then the sandy colours (all behind the door). Apart from the sun (which I broke a bowl for), the rest are all bits we (including Zion and Allegra) have picked up on our walks, most of them on a beach at Setúbal. Where we are heading later this week.

The bathroom cabinet is one our s-i-l was getting rid of and we brought back with us; Mike has hung the door the other way, trimmed the edges so it fits, and made a door knob out of a champagne cork. He's now working on a cabinet to hold the large basin we picked up from the side of the road. Hoping to incorporate a shoe cabinet from IKEA to hold the sawdust we use in the composting toilet.

- getting this done!
- hanging clothes out in the moonlight, and knowing they'll be dry in the morning
- a fig that weighs 7g

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