Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Evening view over Bogallan Wood, towards Tore. Blowin-a-hoolie all day. Wind was a bit lighter, on the cycle shopping trip to town. Had wanted to go last night, but not in that rain. Cold on the bridge

Approaching the Kessock Bridge, there was a little thud as some high velocity beastie hit me. It lodged in the narrow gap between the helmet strap and the side of my face, near my temple.

Three, two, one, and... "Argh!" Think it must have been a wasp, as the bl**dy thing stung me. It was not pleasant... is the polite version. Jamming on the brakes, had the back wheel fishtailing and briefly in the air. Helmet off and shake and brush at the area. It was gone, and there was nothing left - as in a Bee's sting still pumping the pain inducing poison in. Hence the wasp being suspected, especially with that pain intensity, and sharpness.

Was luck that just the wee muscle it jabbed seems to have swollen up, rather than the whole area. Still sore some three hours later, and after some treatment once back home. Won't be sleeping on that side tonight.

In other news, did some exploratory surgery on a faulty Dyson cordless vacuum for a neighbour. There was water damage to the circuit board and electronics. Suspect someone followed the video instructions on how to clean the filter, by washing it, but failed to be aware (from the lack of spoken words), that you're meant to leave it somewhere warm to thoroughly dry, before replacing it. Will attempt to clean up all the corroded bits tomorrow, but it may be BER (beyond economic repair), as the board doesn't seem to be available, and the teeny components have no obvious markings.

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