…..when I went out into the garden early this morning to start doing some work, I saw these beautiful little sweet peas and just had to pick them and bring them indoors.  They looked so lovely in the vase that I decided that I would make them my Blip for today, so here they are.  I’m not sure of the variety but they could well be "Wiltshire Ripple" - however, I’m afraid we are not always that organised in knowing the variety of plants - all I know is that Mr. HCB grew these from seed and at first they didn’t do very well, but they are looking much better now.  The perfume is wonderful - in fact, just these few are smelling rather good as they sit on my kitchen windowsill. 

We have both been out in the garden for sometime this morning, working hard - Mr. HCB is still trying to dig out the roots of the Weigela and Pyracantha from the back border, but once the sun comes round, he has to stop because it is much too hot, so he has now finished for the day.  However, he did sterling work with the bow saw, loppers, pickaxe and large axe, so he does deserve a rest, but unfortunately, there is still a lot to be done to get the complete roots out, but he is insistent that he will do it, and I don't doubt that! 

I did some dead-heading and hoed the front border and that is looking quite good now, so I am having a break too.  In fact, we are waiting for our Blip friend, Heidi to arrive - she messaged me this morning to ask if we were in - and as we don’t have too much in our social calendar at the moment, we said we would be pleased to see her, so we are waiting for her now.  

I have lots of birthday cards to write and other cards to send to people, so I might just have time to do that before she arrives!

“There are few pleasures 
     like really burrowing one's nose 
          into sweet peas.”
Angela Thirkell
English Novelist : 1890-1961

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