Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


We are “supposed” to be on a plane going to Europe as I blip.….The reality is I hardly strayed from home today…this is bits from my back patio.  Did Zoom Tai Chi class on the roof deck. (very nice, altho almost too hot)    Working on photos and stuff  (nothing practical) in my cool studio.   The thing is it’s probably just as well the trip was cancelled…we were worried we’d not be able to keep up the pace (mostly me)  and now I’m pretty sure that would be the case.    Sigh.

Tatum’s project this week was to memorize the capitals of all 196 countries in the world.  I’m afraid I couldn’t even name all the countries.   That granddaughter surprises.  I love that about her.

H spent the day learning about HVACs as some of the condo members are itching to replace theirs (they are 34 years old and noisy and inefficient)   But we like to wait til something breaks before replacing it and were not going to do it now.    However,  we’re ‘home” so might take advantage of that and just do it while we’re here with the rest.  One crane to put them on the roof.,      Gotta be flexible.     Not all bad. :-)

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