Sweet and Sour

Decided to treat myself to lunch at Dobbies today. I had Sweet and Sour something, but what meat was it. I suspect it was chicken, it was a white meat, so it certainly was not horse, which I have only knowingly eaten in Brussels.

Sunny day but the snow of yesterday morning is reluctant to disappear. The garden centre was busy, quite a few coming in for lunch I think.

Not being able to look a gift horse in the mouth (horse again) I took the opportunity to fish (which was on the menu also) for a Blip. There was a rather large label on the trees behind the flowers, I have attempted to remove all trace of the label in Photoshop.

In the pets department there seemed to be no bunnies, there were quite a few before Christmas, maybe some will arrive before Easter, but still quite a large selection of fish. It would be tasteless to carry my food theme any further.

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