By deanna_pearce

Day 138 SilS -Bunnies at the Beach

 After breakfast did my exercise on the cycle bike with my book!!  Then we wandered around the garden planning some changes.  KG went into his shed  (different from the man cave) I carried up deleting files etc on my laptop. 

After lunch we watched qualifying and really pleased with the result .
We then went into the man cave and was surprised to see the bunnies there
Bossy Boots as usual was in charge. 
The bunnies wanted a day at the seaside after hearing the beaches were open again. 
OH NO said Bossy Boots there is too much overcrowding and no social distancing.
What can we do asked the rest of the bunnies in unison?
Well KG has some sand out there and we can spread it about and make our own seaside. 
The bunnies set to and soon had a reasonable amount of sand spread out -  some makeshift buckets and a spade. ( I didn’t like to tell them they needed bigger buckets!!)
Well Bertie and Bessie made themselves comfortable on the sand – but Bossy Boots wasn’t happy with that
You are not social distancing
It’s OK they said we are in the same bubble
Meanwhile Bartholomew was struggling with the spade to fill the buckets and Benjamin thought the spade made an ideal slide!!
And of course Bossy Boots was there to supervise the filling of the bucket and told them this was much better than travelling miles to the beach.
Of course they all agreed – YOU DON’T DISAGREE WITH BOSSY BOOTS!
Another fine day with some rain when I took the coffee out to KG
And thanks to KG for helping me set this up and saving my hands from getting dirty with the sand
Thanks to Kangazu fro hosting

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