I finished the day without thinking about producing a descriptive blip. So, this is the one that was taken in passing, mostly in frustration.

I had a look at another house-to-buy this morning. I knew I wasn't interested in it but I think it's good to get an overview of what's available, what you pay for. This has been used as a summer house, renovated some five years ago, some new renovation started but was abandoned for whatever reason. I was wondering why this house was far too expensive, this view might be the reason. Who wouldn't like to sit here with a nice drink to enjoy the view of the landscape and the water? But the house didn't have any drinkable water and the sewage is outdated. Not a place I would like to start my future life.

The rest of the day has been easy going, working a bit, getting some bread from a baking friend and borrowing a bed for when my guests arrive later in the week. Some healthy(?) jogging, some tv and reading. Soon time for bed.

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