Reikes small life...

By Reike

Trutg dil Flem

Swiss National Day screamed for doing one of my favourite hikes, the water path in Flims - there should be no fireworks and plenty of water throughout the hike for Djeili. 

A hot day! Temperatures in the valley around 33°C... We came back down just in time for a heavy thunderstorm to break loose. 

Two extras added and more photos here.

Back at home people had already started to set fireworks off, the louder the better, and Djeli had a terrible time. Totally in panic. She scratched my arms, trying to climb up on me and was shaking all over. My friend Urs took us into the mountains to a quiet spot high up and away from everywhere, where we had a BBQ. Unfortunately, around 9pm people started fireworks in that area, too. It really felt like being in the wars... Poor Djeili!!! Only at 1am we thought it might have quietened down a bit in the valleys and went back. Djeili decided that the shower cabin is the safest spot in the house and she stayed there the whole night and morning.   

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