Cherie baby

It has rained all day! I've only been outside twice, once to get something from the car, and once to pinpoint a wonderful little miracle on the bank opposite the kitchen window. I could see what looked like a minuscule light flashing on and off at rapid and regular intervals. It turned out to be drops of water, falling off the edge of a stone every second. Every time the drop appeared it caught the light, then dropped off to be replaced by the next one. If only I could have filmed it, but it was so tiny, like a pin head.
I decided to get on with what used to be called 'paperwork', but should now be 'screenwork' I suppose. Last year I agreed to design a new garden for McCaig's Tower, Oban's local monument. I came up with ideas, we put up a drone to take pictures to make a plan, and I arranged for contractors to quote for the various necessary works. Our local BID company (Business Improvement District) found the money and I've been writing up the scheme in detail and also writing a management plan which the council will have to stick to if they want volunteers from 'Keep Oban Beautiful' to look after it. I thought I needed a sherry and nibbles to help me concentrate, and Hey presto! My Blip for the day.
Quote of the Day:
Alastair Bruce, Wall of Days - “It has been raining here for ten years. I keep an accurate record of time and can state this with no fear of contradiction.”

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