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By Mobius

IRAQ #Worlds End?

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

Soren Kierkegaard

Been watching "Once upon a time in Iraq" series on BBC2. Facinating documentary with both Iraqi and US participants who were residents, journalists, military or CIA participants. Starts to highlight the complexity of the situation. Episode 4 (I think) shockingly revealed the possibility of the US recovering the diasatrous mess, but chose to ignore.

#Worlds End


Purchased and collected my 17 year old sons first car yesterday, which is his dream spec given his budget; he appreciates he's very lucky. It was purchased from a dealer who acted as an agent (part time) and was operating from some rough behind an isolated house (not his) hidden up a long drive. A very nice guy who felt honourable and with an informal but safeguarded way of operating - still did every conceivable check on him and the car. Car seems fine so far..

The guy mentioned needing someone to do social media and website improvements and content- so my son/myself mentioned him/ his mate. A close mate of my son mate earns a living income from this part time whilst still at school - his stuff has excellent UX &  looks professional at brief glance. The guy seems keen so my son will sort.

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