This is Ummis, not a common Swedish name - it's the name her little brother called her, and she changed her name legally to Ummis. She's one of the people I worked closely with her in the union and she is still doing that work, whilst I am out of it. I am however a listening ear if she needs it, because I consider myself to be bound by the understanding of confidentiality that I worked under in those days, and the tale stays in my head.

I drove down in Anders' car,  he was one of the people who joined the union board at the same time as me, and we sort of reformed the way it worked and made it more democratic. It was nominally democratic all along, but was actually a one man show with some rubber stamps. Not my way at all! We went from strength to strength, trained up a slew of hopefuls and managed to keep the momentum going, Ummis was one of the people our gang of old-timers and young hungry bloods spotted and encouraged. She is such a star! (and me and Anders are considered to be gurus, by her, and her alone. Anyone else tends to see both of us as flies in ointment, spanners in works etc)

The fourth person at lunch was Alex who was chair for a few years, and I haven't seen him for ages - so that was lovely. We had lots to catch up on and there was a lot of giggling. Which is good for all sorts of reasons. We have plans for another meet up before too long, good company is worth a lot. Drove home and chatted some more in the garden, Anders admired the flowers - it isn't a very Swedish garden really, my model is wild country garden in England. (Which is only a thing in my head, rather than anything real)

When he left I changed into my gardening togs gym gear and cut the rest of the lawn. Caroline had kindly cut the big bottom lawn this morning, so I did t he rest. All the fiddly bits, hilly sloped, & mad areas. I got so hot and bothered that a nice long shower was in order, very satisfying to use up all my energy and to get clean and be refreshed. We went out for a pizza, no-one felt like cooking at 7.30 - the three of them had been off with the kayaks and had a wonderful time where everyone managed beautifully and wants to go again. Sadly we have only 3 boats so I will do something else. Such as make face masks! My latest cottage industry. Grace has chosen yellow and flowered, Caroline is getting flowered and turquoise (her favourite colour) and I am going to make them reversible.

Very deeply frightening and upsetting scenes in Beirut, Lebanon suffers on and on - it all seems so incredibly cruel, endless and hopeless. But The helpers are helping, and we can also help with any gold we can spare. I am so grateful for my peaceful life, for the privileges I enjoy every day. I wish it for every human being, when will that day come?

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