By Pinkhairedlady

A long drive and the deed was done

After the zoom call last night we waited for the promised phone call but heard nothing - guess the sellers decided we weren’t the owners they had in mind. So further searching turned up some puppies available in Maybole in Ayrshire. A few messages back and forth and we agreed to go and see them this afternoon.

Drive over was painless and we found the location easily enough. Long story short and we fell in love on first sight - we can’t wait to welcome Phineas (Finn) for short in the middle of September. He’s a wee cutie and we all got a wee cuddle. The breeder has offered to send regular photos and videos (oh yes please) so we can keep up with his growth.

Home just in time to stick a pizza in the oven before my call with the ladies. Despite having lunched together yesterday we managed to chat away for more than 3 hours tonight.

Spotted the saying on FB earlier and thought it was quite apt - I opted for the liquid version of grapes this evening.

Happy weekend everyone

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