Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Camouflaged basking!

Wow it is hot today ....... after a couple of cooler days we have rejoined all of you sweltering in this heatwave!

There is a fair breeze blowing now ..... which is thankfully cooling it down a little ..... but it is still about 30C!

This Collared Dove was doing its best to fan out its feathers & bask in the sunshine ....... it would have cooled off much better if it had used the shade of the bushes!

I love the spread of its feathers .... hope you like it too :-)

Not sure when I will next be on Blip ....... the gas engineer is coming tomorrow afternoon to service the boiler & Hubby has Thursday off so it will be supermarket shop. To top it all we are supposed to be in for a lot of thunder storms Friday & Saturday .... this means I cannot have the router on .... so I will catch up when I can.

Stay safe everyone :-)

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