... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Koi Splashing Out

Spritzier in large.
Ida up close

It's taken far too long to blip a Koi shot... She's supercute, very gentle (she takes food tentatively, rather than snatching), and is so, so round. Her blue fawn plumage is stunning, with orange detailed in silver, giving her a very jewelled look up close, and her facial markings make her chubby features all the more adorable. She's reluctant to flap, but not at all reluctant to use her big voice.

I took the long lens out in the morning, then reckoned it was too hot to go out again with the 20mm, so sorted my photos. Inevitably, I did take the camera out again later in the afternoon with the 20mm mounted, and was v. amused by the possibilities it offered (see Ida extra). I'll be trying that again soon.

Others here (or right from Ida flapping)

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