nogbad's blips

By nogbad

Half loaf

I think if this as a half loaf because it's only half of the normal batch. It's just come out of the oven because the day went a bit sideways. The first interview as at 10:00 but we couldn't get the technology to work so we had to reschedule it for later in the day - this swallowed up the wee bit of time that I'd planned to get the bread started; I couldn't let the mixer run while I did an interview because they'd have heard it, so the bread had to wait until after the final interview of the day. Not a real problem but I've got to wait for it to cool down before I can cut it, I'm having a bit of salad with it and there will be oil for dipping. On the upside, I've just spoken to Chris (we have cornered the market in Chrises but I'll not bother identifying which Chris) and he has suggested that I have a glass of wine too so that's the plan.

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