By CleanSteve

The old pink rose flowers

Earlier in the year I removed lots of extraneous growth of the bay tree which had gone mad. Helena had cut the bay back a couple of years ago but of course that meant it regrew even more vigorously, and it is a tree now! In a corner of the old flower bed I discovered a large pot with this rose in restricted conditions. I cut it back a little but I'm no expert in how to care for roses, as you can tell from my heving let this one get in to such a tricky situation.

I've been watering the rose freely and it suddenly responded with a few flowers. These are a second growth on the same stem and they are very fragrant.

 It is still rather dark in this corner, and I will move the rose into a proper bed in the earth after the summer heat goes. This picture was taken as darkness approached so not only was it in shade but it was getting very late in the day.

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